Power Washing in Shelton

Coat and Clean Pressure Washing has built our entire business around two key principles – punctuality and attention to detail. We’ve distinguished ourselves from every other local pressure washing service by paying attention to the tiny, oft-forgotten elements of every project. In fact, we always go over our projects with a fine-tooth comb as the final step of the job. We’ll always hold true to our word and arrive just when you expect us. We don’t make excuses, so if we tell you we’ll be done on Friday, we will absolutely be done on Friday. Our team is full of honest, reliable, and trustworthy individuals, because those qualities are important to us. We take very seriously the excellent reputation we have in Shelton, and we won’t stop working until your expectations are fulfilled.

Our locally-owned, locally-operated company is fully licensed, bonded, and insured. We are proud to honor a 100% customer service guarantee. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with our services, and we always strive to exceed your expectations. Our highly-skilled painters are thorough, talented, and meticulous. You might be looking for a power washing company to help with some residential tasks, or maybe you need commercial pressure washing. Call Coat and Clean, your go-to painting company in Shelton.

Soft and Pressure Washing Services in Shelton

At Coat and Clean, we enjoy talking about power washing with potential future customers because we think of our jobs as a fine art. No project is too little or too tough for our pressure washing company – and that goes for commercial and residential jobs alike. Contact our local business for additional details regarding pressure washing in Shelton. Keep reading for answers to some of the most common questions we get from customers about our pressure washing services.

Pressure washing seems easy – and maybe even fun! Should I try to DIY it?

Most home improvement jobs might be easily completed by a novice, and there’s usually some room for error as well. You shouldn’t, however, try to use a pressure washer on your own. Your well-intentioned attempt at power washing might turn out to be a large, costly disaster if you don’t have the required tools, materials, and experience. We guarantee that if you use our pressure washing service near you, we’ll eliminate all your concerns about potential property damage. We have all the necessary equipment, solutions, and attachments for the job, and we are aware of the precise configurations that are most effective for any and all surfaces. Before you endanger yourself or your property, contact our professional pressure washing company!

What can be pressure washed?

A number of surfaces may be dramatically cleaned and improved in appearance with pressure washing. Power washing is an incredibly important and cost-effective way to remove stains, dirt, discoloration, grime, algae, and other residues from:

Exterior walls of homes or buildings

Graffiti-covered areas

Roofs and shingles

Painted surfaces (for paint removal)


Brick walkways and patios

Driveways, sidewalks, parking lots, and other concrete or asphalt surfaces

Patio chairs and other outdoor furniture



Garage and workshop floors

Vehicle engines

And so much more!

Is there anything that can’t be pressure washed?

Although our power washing service is great for many purposes, there are several things and surfaces that we don’t advise pressure washing. Your new go-to pressure washer in Shelton will gladly respond to all your inquiries if you need help determining whether or not pressure washing is a good choice for your project. To safeguard your possessions, ensure your safety and protect your property, you should refrain from pressure washing:

Any surface coated in lead paint

Delicate outdoor lights


Air conditioners

Stained or painted objects – unless you want to remove the stain or paint


Electrical panels





How do pressure washing, power washing, and soft washing differ?

Power and pressure washing both employ high-pressure water for an efficient clean, as you might predict. Water pressure-wise, these two methods are comparable – but power washing is different because it also employs steam to cleanse surfaces of dirt. Similar steps are followed in soft washing, but different cleaning agents, lower water pressure, and unique nozzle attachments are used. Soft washing is an excellent option for a range of purposes since some projects require a more delicate touch.

Do you offer commercial power washing services?

OF COURSE! The majority of people are aware of the benefits of pressure washing for houses, but some are unaware that it’s also a wise investment for companies. We are overjoyed to support the development and flourishing of other companies in our wonderful town. Parking lot cleaning, building washing, storefront cleaning, graffiti removal, and other commercial and industrial pressure washing services are just a few of the many solutions our pressure washing company in Shelton provides. With a hand from our specialists, your business will receive a well-deserved facelift!

Your home or business will look as good as new when you call Coat and Clean Pressure Washing at (360) 463-7750!