Power Washing in Rochester

At Coat and Clean Pressure Washing, we emphasize two simple, but crucial principles – attention to detail and punctuality. We’re not just another local pressure washing service that tries to rush through every job – we focus on every little feature to give you the impeccable results you deserve. In fact, a thorough inspection is always the final phase of each and every project. Honoring our commitments comes naturally to us, so we’ll be sure to arrive right on time. Each of our team members exhibits essential qualities like honesty, integrity, and reliability. We’ve put a great deal of effort into building a solid reputation in the Rochester region, so we won’t settle for anything less than your total satisfaction.

Our locally-owned and -operated business is fully bonded, insured, and licensed. Our 100% customer service guarantee gives our clients peace of mind. Our goal is to exceed your every expectation, and we promise you’ll be happy with our work. Our proficient staff is incredibly skilled, efficient, and precise. Reach out to your favorite Rochester power washing company, whether you’re interested in commercial pressure washing or your needs are strictly residential.

Soft and Pressure Washing Services in Rochester

At Coat and Clean, we like discussing power washing with potential customers because we view it as a fine art. For our pressure washing company, no project is too simple or too difficult – and that includes small residential jobs and huge commercial tasks. If you want more information about pressure washing in Rochester, get in touch with our local company. Below, we’ve included responses to some of the most frequently-asked client questions about our pressure washer services.

Is there anything that can’t be pressure washed?

Our power washing service can be useful for a surprising range of surfaces, but there are several objects that should never be pressure washed. If you believe your project requires power washing, your local Rochester pressure washer will be pleased to give you advice. To maintain the safety and safety of both you and your property, you should never pressure wash:

Delicate outdoor lights

Any surface coated in lead paint


Air conditioners




Electrical panels

Stained or painted objects – unless you want to remove the stain or paint



How do pressure washing, power washing, and soft washing differ?

As their names imply, pressure washing and power washing employ extremely high water pressure to clean surfaces. While both pressure washing and power washing use high pressures, power washing also involves the use of steam to complete the task. Soft washing makes use of various nozzle attachments, reduced water pressure, and various cleaning agents. For tasks that call for a delicate touch, soft cleaning is perfect.

Pressure washing seems easy – and maybe even fun! Should I try to DIY it?

Many home projects are simple to complete, and the vast majority might even allow for some small, correctable mistakes. However, using a pressure washer is not something you should attempt on your own. If you don’t have the necessary equipment, supplies, and experience, your well-intended effort at power washing might end up being a massive, expensive disaster. When you hire our pressure washing service near you, we promise you won’t ever have to worry about property damage. We have all the tools, solutions, and attachments required for the job, and we are aware of the specific settings that work best for each distinct surface. Call our skilled pressure washing company before you put yourself and your property in danger!

What can be pressure washed?

Pressure washing can effectively clean and improve the look of many surfaces. Power washing is an important and cost-effective technique for eliminating stains, grime, algae, dirt, discoloration, and other residue from:

Vehicle engines


Roofs and shingles

Garage and workshop floors

Exterior walls of homes or buildings


Graffiti-covered areas

Brick walkways and patios

Patio chairs and other outdoor furniture


Painted surfaces (for paint removal)

Driveways, sidewalks, parking lots, and other concrete or asphalt surfaces

And so much more!

Do you offer commercial power washing services?

OF COURSE! Most people are aware of how great pressure washing is for homes, but some don’t realize it’s also a smart investment for businesses. We are thrilled to promote the growth and success of other business owners and operators in our great community. Our pressure washing company in Rochester offers a wide range of services, including building washing, graffiti removal, parking lot cleaning, storefront cleaning, and other commercial and industrial pressure washing services. With a little assistance from our experts, your company will get a well-deserved makeover!

Your home or business will look as good as new when you call Coat and Clean Pressure Washing at (360) 463-7750!