Pressure & Soft Washing

Wash away dirt, grime, and discoloration of all kinds from your roofing and siding with Coat and Clean. Normal weather and pollution can cause grime buildup on the exterior of your home, but even sunlight can lead to dirty siding; direct sunlight can cause your siding to oxidize and leave a chalky residue.

Keep your home looking new and keep your paint from degrading with soft and pressure washing today.

Exterior Cleaning

Our pressure washing solutions can help keep your siding clean, increasing the longevity of your paint and the curb appeal—and thus property value—of your home.

Roof Washing

Keep algae from eating into your roof with soft washing from Coat and Clean. We can keep your roof in good condition for longer, so you can have more time between repairs and replacements.

Driveways & Lots

Concrete and asphalt are both porous and can easily absorb stains. Our pressure washing service can remove or lessen those stains to make a massive difference in the appearance of your driveway or parking lot.