Power Washing in DuPont

At Coat and Clean Pressure Washing, we have built our business on a foundation of punctuality and attention to detail. By focusing on the little, seemingly insignificant details of every job, we’ve set ourselves apart from any other local pressure washing service. In fact, we meticulously review each aspect of every project before we consider it finished, because we want to ensure that it meets our high standards. Honoring our commitments comes naturally to us, so we’ll be sure to arrive right on time. We don’t make excuses, so if we tell you we’ll be done on Friday, we will absolutely be done on Friday. Each member of our team exemplifies crucial characteristics like dependability, sincerity, and integrity. We take our stellar reputation in DuPont extremely seriously, and we’ll keep working hard until your expectations are exceeded.

Our locally-owned and -operated business is fully bonded, insured, and licensed. We’re proud of our 100% customer service guarantee. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with our services, and we always strive to exceed your expectations. Our meticulous painters are talented, precise, and thorough. Perhaps you need commercial pressure washing, or maybe you’re looking for a power washing company to take care of some overdue tasks around the house. Either way, come to Coat and Clean – the premier DuPont power washing company!

Soft and Pressure Washing Services in DuPont

At Coat and Clean, we enjoy talking about power washing with potential future customers because we think of our jobs as a fine art. Our pressure washing company can tackle any commercial or residential project. Contact our humble local business if you want additional details about pressure washing in DuPont. Below, we’ve included responses to some of the most frequently-asked client questions about our pressure washer services.

Is there anything that can’t be pressure washed?

Although our power washing service is great for many purposes, there are several things and surfaces that we don’t advise pressure washing. Your trusted pressure washer in DuPont will be happy to give you advice on whether or not your project calls for power washing. To protect your property, keep you safe, and avoid damage to your belongings, you should avoid pressure washing:

Air conditioners

Delicate outdoor lights


Stained or painted objects – unless you want to remove the stain or paint




Any surface coated in lead paint


Electrical panels


Pressure washing seems easy – and maybe even fun! Should I try to DIY it?

The bulk of household maintenance tasks could probably be completed by a novice, and there is frequently ample room for error. However, you shouldn’t attempt to operate a pressure washer by yourself. If you lack the necessary equipment, supplies, and expertise, your well-intended effort at power washing might end up being a significant, expensive disaster. When you hire our pressure washing service near you, you’ll never have to worry about damage to your property. We have all the necessary equipment, solutions, and attachments for the job, and we are aware of the precise configurations that are most effective for any and all surfaces. Call our skilled pressure washing company before you put yourself and your property in danger!

What can be pressure washed?

Pressure washing is an effective way to dramatically clean and improve the appearance of a wide variety of surfaces. Power washing is a key and affordable method for getting rid of stains, filth, discoloration, algae, grime, and other residue from:

Graffiti-covered areas


Exterior walls of homes or buildings

Painted surfaces (for paint removal)

Patio chairs and other outdoor furniture

Roofs and shingles

Brick walkways and patios

Garage and workshop floors


Driveways, sidewalks, parking lots, and other concrete or asphalt surfaces

Vehicle engines


And so much more!

How do pressure washing, power washing, and soft washing differ?

As you might expect, both power and pressure washing use high-pressure water for an effective clean. While both pressure washing and power washing use high pressures, power washing also involves the use of steam to complete the task. Similar steps are followed in soft washing, but different cleaning agents, lower water pressure, and unique nozzle attachments are used. Soft washing is ideal for projects that require a delicate touch.

Do you offer commercial power washing services?

OF COURSE! Everyone knows pressure washing is excellent for residences, but some people forget it’s also a wise investment for companies. We are thrilled to promote the growth and success of other business owners and operators in our great community. Parking lot cleaning, building washing, storefront cleaning, graffiti removal, and other commercial and industrial pressure washing services are just a few of the many solutions our pressure washing company in DuPont provides. We’ll leave your business gleaming and beautifully refreshed!

Your home or business will look as good as new when you call Coat and Clean Pressure Washing at (360) 463-7750!